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Why should we fight to keep clothing manufacture alive in Australia when it’s cheaper overseas...

Why should we fight to keep clothing manufacture alive in Australia when it’s cheaper overseas...

These days, when buying clothing, it’s no surprise if items have been made overseas, in fact it’s surprising when they have been made in Australia. But it wasn’t always like this - indeed, Australia used to be home to a rather large clothing manufacturing industry. 

So what happened to it? 

It all started in the 1980’s when taxes placed on the imports of clothing & textiles were greatly reduced. In the following 10 to 20 years the garment manufacturing industry in Australia virtually disappeared. 

Producing clothes in Australia, where we enjoy one of the highest minimum wages in the world, was no longer economically viable, so the jobs went overseas. 

Not only did this shift result in high levels of unemployment, it also saw a reduction in the quality of goods that were available to consumers, as often products made overseas did not have to meet the stringent requirements of Australian Made products. 

The loss of jobs available meant that we, as a society, began to lose the skills required to make clothing. 

Nowadays, the majority of garment manufacture occurring in Australia is undertaken by small businesses like ours, helping to create employment opportunities & keep the art of garment manufacture alive & well in our society. 

In the current climate of boutique clothing, garment manufacturing is no longer seen as the minimum wage ‘low skill’ profession it once had been, instead it is considered an essential component of the creative industry. 

By producing garments in Australia we are able to utilise the skills of local craftspeople, creating clothes that meet the high Australian standards of production. Indeed, in meeting the strict regulations laid out by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, no corners can be cut & all garments must be made to the highest standard possible. 

By buying Australian Made not only are you supporting the continuation of skills in our community & employing local people, but you can also rest assured knowing that the clothes you are wearing have been made by people working in good conditions with a fair wage. 

High quality garments, a skilled society & upholding ethical beliefs - it’s a win, win! 

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