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Is ill fitting clothing holding you back? Get your purchases right every time with these simple tips

Is ill fitting clothing holding you back? Get your purchases right every time with these simple tips

You could be wearing the most beautiful work outfit of all time, but if it doesn’t allow you to sit comfortably, walk quickly, move easily, or simply perform the day-to-day tasks required of you at work without restraint, then it is hardly going to be conducive to a productive work day.

Finding comfortable & functional clothing all comes down to two things:

1. Consider what the garment will actually be used for.
Whatever garment you buy must have the freedom of movement to allow you to comfortably undertake whatever tasks may be required of you throughout the day. These tasks will dictate how tight or fitted it your clothing can be, how much elastane or stretch you require in the garment, the necessary warmth or thickness, etc.

2. Test, test and test again.
Trying a garment on will give you a basic idea of its fit, however, moving around in it may change this perception entirely. Don’t stand stationary in your potential purchase, move around, see if it inhibits your ability to walk quickly, try sitting down, standing up, bending down, raising your arms - all of these actions may reveal certain points in a garment that are restrictive or uncomfortable.

Take, for example, the classic pencil skirt.

You want it to be quite fitted at the top to create the desired look, but it must also be comfortable enough to sit in, meaning when you bend at the hip the fabric should not bunch & cut into you. To achieve this, you may want to look for a skirt that uses a blended fabric containing some elastane for stretch. Alternately, you could look for an option that is not too tight around the hip area.

You will also need to consider if you can walk easily in the skirt. Ever seen people trying to walk in an obviously too tight pencil skirt? It may look good when they are standing completely still but as soon as they try to move they are restricted to a small awkward shuffle of sorts which immediately makes their outfit choice seem like a mistake & damages their professional credibility (& probably their efficiency if their job requires even the slightest movement).

How can you stop this from happening? You should always try walking instead of just standing in any potential new pencil skirts. Choose a skirt that is not too closely fitted around your legs, giving you more room to move, or try one that is slightly shorter - the concept is quite simple: less leg constricted by fabric = more freedom of movement.

Here at Bourne Crisp we focus on fit, aiming to provide customers with clothing that will help them look good and feel great whilst allowing the flexibility to move comfortably through their day. 

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