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How to save money on clothing and end up with a killer wardrobe!

How to save money on clothing and end up with a killer wardrobe!

Everyone loves a bargain & these days they are increasingly easy to come by. When cheap deals are abundant, why would you even consider spending a lot of money on a garment if you can get something similar from another retailer at a cheaper price? 

It’s a fair question I don’t deny, but the question you should be asking is - is it actually going to be cheaper for me in the long run? 

The answer: Probably not. 

How do we know that, you may ask, well it all comes down to our favourite fashion equation - cost per wear. 

To figure this out all you have to do is think about the price of the item you are buying versus the number of ‘wears’ you are going to get out of it. 

For example, a $5 t-shirt you have bought from your local discount department store & only end up wearing 5 times will cost you $1 per wear. However, a high quality pair of jeans that costs $150 may last you 200+ wears meaning you are only paying around 75 cents per wear. Therefore in the end, this seemingly expensive item actually ends up being cheaper than the low-quality t-shirt you bought.

Don’t mistake us - we are not saying that items that are more expensive are immediately going to be higher quality, in fact this is a dangerous misconception that can result in people wasting their hard earned money on items that won’t last. What is more important is buying quality items that aren’t going to go out of fashion in a few weeks. 

It’s always important to inspect the quality of clothing prior to purchase to avoid being caught out by misleading price tags and brand names. Learn how to determine the quality of your potential clothing purchases with our post ‘9 quick ways to assess the quality of clothing’. 

It’s also important to consider which items you wear often - paying for quality versions of these garments will never let you down. For example, it you are someone who wears a black blazer [check out our Elle jacket] to work rain or shine, it is worth spending a little more money on a version that will last, instead of buying a cheap option that will need replacing every 3-6 months - this will actually cost you more money.  

In the end, making sure you purchase garments that are high quality, fit you well & are likely to get a lot of wear will save you a whole lot of money in the long run. 

Bonus, when you love all the clothes in your wardrobe & they don’t wear out or become misshapen quickly, you’ll never be faced with the predicament of having ‘nothing to wear’!  

**Want to know more about fashion? For need to know fashion info, simple styling tips & tricks & an insight into how your clothing is actually made, CLICK HERE.**

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