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Favourite garment come to the end of its life? Here’s the solution

Favourite garment come to the end of its life? Here’s the solution

We all know that feeling when your favourite pair of work pants finally calls it quits & unceremoniously breaks, tears, or worst of all just becomes so worn out that you have to give in & concede that it’s time for them to go. 

But then what? You wore them so much for a reason - they looked great, fit you perfectly & complemented your style, but knowing the ever-moving nature of the fashion world, it’s highly improbable that they are still available to buy. So, you have to start the painstaking journey of finding a pair of pants that are just right all over again - & we all know it is not an easy or short one. 

That’s where Bourne Crisp is different, we don’t change our styles like the wind, churning out new designs & discarding the old ones every few weeks - our process of taking the time to make every garment the best version of itself simply wouldn’t be possible if we did. 

Once our Classic Collection styles are released, they are available for good, so when you find an item with the perfect fit, you can wear it to death & come to repurchase without worry. 

We also create our Limited Edition styles from the same blocks as our Classic collection, only with more luxurious & colourful fabrics & finishes meaning if you love the fit or look of a certain style, you can get it in multiple different variations! 

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